S and S Utility Sales, LLC


Representing These Quality Manufacturers




ARI Flow Control - (AL, MS,TN)  

A Worldwide leading Manufacturer of Air Release, Air/Vac and Combination Valves for Water and Wastewater Applications.

S and S Utility Sales currently maintains a large inventory of many ARI products.                                                                                                                     




EBAA Iron, Inc

(AL, TN)

EBAA has continued to lead the way in innovative products for the water and wastewater industry that are engineered to save time and money. EBAA is the only manufacturer of the world famous MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraint. EBAA specializes in pipe restraint and is 100% MADE IN THE USA. 



Highline Armor Access Boxes- (AL, MS and TN) 

Plastic and Polymer Concrete meter boxes, valve boxes and curb boxes for the Turf and Irrigation, Gas, Waterworks, and Wastewater Industries.                                                                           






Royal Pipe -

(AL,GA,MS,TN, FL Panhandle)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Royal Building Products, Quality PVC pressure pipe thru 36 inches and sewer pipe thru 36 inches.

Pressure Pipe 4-12 inches Class 160 and 200, 4-12 inch C900, 16-36 inch C905

Sewer Pipe 4-36 inches SDR35/PS46 and  SDR 26/PS115

Manufactured at our new plant location Newbern, TN




Glasforms, Inc.- (AL, GA, MS, TN, FL Panhandle)                                                                                        


Fiberglass reinforced composite marker posts, Valve Markers, and marker poles are highly visible, durable, safe and versatile products for compact identification signage. Our products offer high strength and low weight combining stiffness and flexibility for ground driven installation, impact resistance and memory to recover after vehicle collisions.





The Gripper Gasket Co., LLC (AL,GA,MS,TN)


The Gripper Gasket can be used to instantly restrain push-on ductile iron pipe, valves, and fittings. The design of the SBR gasket includes stainless steel inserts that automatically provide restraint upon installation. This process eliminates nuts and bolts, threaded rod and thrust blocks as well as expensive labor necessary for other conventional methods. All Gripper Gasket Company products are manufactured in the USA and comply with the American Recovery Reinvestment Act, Section 1605.




                                      Hydrant Repair Parts,Inc  (MS)                                                                                                              

Hydrant Parts, Traffic Kits and Extensions for  all Brands of Hydrants.                           




 Kupferle   (MS, TN)

Kupferle features a wide selection of post hydrants, yard hydrants, sampling devices, manual, automatic and intelligent flushing devices.






Mission Rubber Company, LLC (AL,GA,MS,TN)


 Mission Rubber Company, LLC, is a 50 year old Company that has been a leading manufacturer, of quality, code approved products to the construction and utility industries for the purpose of connecting, adapting, reducing, repairing or capping almost any type of pipe used in sewer and drain waste and vent applications.  






By Royal Building Products


Plastic Trends (AL, GA, MS and TN)


Quality Plastic Pipe fittings for the Municipal, Electrical, and Industrial Markets.




REHAU   (AL,GA,MS FL Panhandle, and TN)                                                                         


 MUNICIPEX® Water Service Line

MUNICIPEX is a crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe engineered specifically for the potable water industry. It is backed by over 35 years of experience and more than one billion feet (300 million meters) of installation experience worldwide. MUNICIPEX meets or exceeds all required certifications and is field-proven for use in municipal service lines. MUNICIPEX may also be used for other water applications such as splash parks, water parks and some industrial facilities.