S and S Utility Sales, LLC

Royal Building Products Now Manufacturing 30 and 36 inch PVC Pipe In Newbern, TN


Large Diameter PVC Pipe Systems Offer:

Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance for Long Service Life

High Resistance to Attack from Chemicals Typically Found in Water and Sewer Systems

Hydraulic Efficiency for Optimal Fluid Transmission

Durability and High Impact Resistance

Leak-Free Joints for Low Maintenance

High Strength to Weight Ratio

Relatively Lightweight for Easy Installation

Cost Effectiveness

30 and 36 inch Available in:

ASTM F679 – PS46, PS115

AWWA C905 – DR18, DR25, DR32.5, DR41





MUNICIPEX®  by REHAU, Water Service Line

MUNICIPEX is a crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe engineered specifically for the potable water industry. It is backed by over 35 years of experience and more than one billion feet (300 million meters) of installation experience worldwide. MUNICIPEX meets or exceeds all required certifications and is field-proven for use in municipal service lines. Available in 3/4", 1", 11/4" ,11/2" and 2" CTS.





New from Plastic Trends/Royal Building Products,

Color Coded Rings and Gaskets

Color coded rings and gaskets come standard on two Plastic Trends product lines. These colored rings and gaskets allow for easy identification while in the field. Just imagine being able to identify the fitting as SDR 26 or SDR 14 without having to go down into the trench!! Green – Heavy Wall Gasketed Sewer SDR 26 Gray – Ultra Heavy Duty™ Gasketed Sewer SDR 14.

 New Ring Design Plastic Trends SDR 26 Heavy Wall Gasketed Sewer fittings features a new revolutionary ring enhancement in which the ring locks onto the fitting. Some additional benefits of the new ring are as follows: There is a deep lead into the gasket which reduces the possibility of gasket damage or rolling. There is an extra heavy wall thickness behind the gasket race which absorbs angular deflection. The shock absorbing ring resists excessive impact. The Heavy Wall Gasketed Sewer product line featuring the new ring meets ASTM standards and has triple certification listing. The new ring design on the H Series fittings was tested at a 200 PSI pressure rating with no loss of pressure or leaks and the ring remained secure!

Extra Heavy Branches


We strengthened the branches on our SDR 26 Heavy Wall and SDR 35 STI™ 4” and 6” Tees, Wyes, and Sanitary Tees to a minimum wall thickness of SDR 18. They are now fortified against stress and breakage to a degree never before available. This means the weakest link in other fittings is just another strong point in Plastic Trends’ fittings.




The unique design of the new valve guarantees a complete separation of  liquids from the sealing mechanism for optimum performance.

• Pump Stations for Sewage, Waste Water  and Water Treatment Plants.

• Sewage Water, Effluent Water and Salt Water Supply Lines.

• Control air in the sewage systems for maximum flow efficiency and system protection.

• A conical body shape and the unique patented external lever prevent contact between the sewage and the sealing mechanism and eliminates orifice clogging, by floating solids, ensuring a drip tight seal.

• The large automatic (small) orifice discharges high air flow rates even while under pressure thereby preventing system obstructions. (Recommended for saline effluent or where effluent SO2 emissions can be significant).

• High strength/ low weight construction that ensures excellent corrosion protection and virtually maintenance free operation.

• Proven A.R.I. Sewage Relief valve design provides reliable, consistent, effective and low maintenance operation.

• 316 Stainless Steel body construction

• The D-023’s orifice plug-disc linkage assembly is external, keeping the levers and pins outside the air valve body and its corrosive atmosphere.

• All inner parts made of 316 stainless steel.